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Not So Special

Written by: Ayush Basnet - 20106, Grade XII

Posted on: 07 January, 2020

How often do you think that you are special or simply useless? I do, most of the time because I know I am the perfect example of mediocrity and nothing more. You know how the stories of others, the ones that are exceptional, ones that overcame their difficulties and paved their way to success. I spent most of my time admiring such stories as this was a way for me to escape reality, the reality which shows I am just your average everyday guy. I let myself think that I would never be able to build such stories, to build my own achievements. And that’s wrong. No one should ever have a thought of not having anything special about themselves.

I play games most of my time, to the point that my reflexes and aim, in general, are what you call some next-level stuff. If winning matches and carrying your teammates to victory can be called as achievements then I have already built myself a pretty neat story. Every now and then I compare myself to others, those who I considered superior and I would see myself having no chance against them and there would be no point for me to continue pursuing what I thought I was a little good at. Yes, I still don’t have a chance against those outstanding individuals but that’s completely fine. Why compare yourself to others, they have their own difficulties to overcome, own problems to deal with.

My friends once said to me “We wish we were as good as you“and it hit me because I hoped for myself that I could be like them. It’s amazing how we people don’t realize that each and everyone one of us is unique and special in a way. It disgusts me now when I take a look back and realize how little I thought of myself.  Some people already have their way paved out for them, some have to forge their way from scratch and it still doesn’t guarantee success. It’s the same with me, I don’t know where my life will take me but I will keep moving and trying to keep pushing until, well until it's time.

So what if life isn’t fair? Maybe we won’t all win a lottery or marry royalty or make a last-second shot, that doesn’t mean we won’t have an amazing adventure, meet exceptional people and make indelible memories; the trick is to believe. I have yet to accomplish anything big but this doesn’t mean that I am useless. I have years ahead of me and so much to see and experience my life’s just starting.

Everyone one of us was born special. We as different individuals all have something we’re good at and love, we just have to wait and believe. 

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