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Broken Family

Written by: Samip Adhikari - 21119, Grade XI

Posted on: 13 December, 2019

I must say we are so lucky and happy that we have a family so loving, caring and amazing. They have always been an integral part of our life and so we are in their lives. But, it's not the same in everyone else’s lives. In some corner of your town, there is a person who is broken both emotionally and mentally with loneliness and endless thoughts that never end. It's some sort of physical mark that never disappears and no one else cares. By broken family, it merely does not mean your parents are separated or don't live together, it also means isolation and a lack of attention we face despite having them.  Broken families may have several reasons. It can be child adoption, financial issues, misunderstandings, health conditions, and even early pregnancy. Whatever the reasons behind it, it severely affects the mental, physical and emotional development as well as the spiritual being of a child. People who grew up in broken families are always embarrassed, depressed and numb. They start comparing their families constantly with others and end up being aggressive, disappointed, and angry; leading to mental conflict. What must it feel growing up like this? Everyone else gets picked up by their parents after school, gets pocket money for tiffin, have many friends to hang out with, have parents attending school events and festivals. On the other hand, you are left with guilt and expectations that never come true. Most of all, you don’t like to share these with anybody else and grow up into a person different from the rest. Doesn’t It hurt? Yes, it does. Don't worry! At least our families are not broken.  It’s like we never know the tragedy, hardships, difficulties, and misfortune they are facing from their early ages. And we so-called ‘smart people’ never stop calling them anti-social, stupid, silly, unlikeable and inhuman. It needs to be noted that any judgment passed based on personal biases and experiences, it's never a judgment, but only one's outlook to others. People say they are difficult to deal with but who knows they just need a little love and care to change. Their outside is stone carved but inside, they must be a beautiful soul that they never like to show.  They are also the ones who know how to uphold people and happiness since they will do whatever it takes to stop losing more and more people in their lives. It just needs to make them believe that people do care. With their challenging life experiences, you can learn how to be emotionally stronger, independent, exist in an affliction, handle embarrassment and deal with sufferings that may knock at the door of your life in the future(let us hope not so!).

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