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The End of Game of Thrones

Written by: Adip Thapaliya - 20103, Grade XII

Posted on: 12 December, 2019

The Game of Thrones attracted a lot of viewers with their story development but made them realized all of them were wasting their time. Until now, I don’t think I have met or talked to one person who has actually appreciated the ending of Game of Thrones. It had a worldwide audience but towards the end, it seemed as if though, many of the viewers were forced to watch it to complete the story-line. Unnecessary death, unfinished tales, and sloppy execution made the end of the popular show very disappointing. I would mainly change these three aspects of the final season if given the power. Game of Thrones had a lot of characters. According to recent reports, it has been said that the game of thrones had the largest extras involved throughout the series. But, there were too many deaths of main characters, especially in the last season. The characters that were eventually thought to be one of the important factors in the conquest just died. Some of them were expected but many of them weren’t. Maybe we’re just sad of that death but it seemed like it added a lot of factors to why the end of it was not up to the standard. I would not like completely save all of them but I sure want to reduce the number of deaths. If the number of death had been as I wanted then maybe the end of many characters would have been satisfactory. A lot of characters didn’t have the ending they deserve. Their story was properly developed but in the end, they were recognized as no one. Some went to live with the southern people, some went to explore the world and the character that craved the throne the most was killed but the one no one thought was made a king in the end. That’s the irony, the characters that deserved the throne were “exiled“, but the crippled boy who lived in his stories was the king. I can’t really explain how but that is not satisfying. If I could change it then surely, I would have made sure that the throne went to the one who wanted it the most. Due to these problems the show, the story of the show was rushed with poor execution of the events. During the final season, it seemed like the story was going in rushed pace which is weird because all other seasons had a slower pace than the viewers wanted. Maybe this is the reason why there were those unnecessary deaths and the characters didn’t get proper end to a fantastic storyline. That’s why this is the most important change at the end of “The Game of Thrones” I want to make. If only the series had one more season then a lot of things would have been different. At least, I think so. If I had the chance to change anything in the world then I would surely change how this series ended. I personally being an enthusiast of TV series was very upset with the end. I would surely save a lot of people who needed to be there after the conquest. I would have given the characters the end they really deserved and I would surely have had perfect execution of the stories that would have been what many viewers wanted. This ending we have now is surely going to come back and haunt me so if I had the chance I would have prevented this for me and perhaps a lot of people.

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