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Written by: Sarthak Pradhananga - 20122, Grade XII

Posted on: 11 December, 2019

As human beings, we all have the right to be given equal treatment with social justice. Giving equal treatment is equality. Equality alone has flaws. In some cases when equality is followed then an advantaged group can reap more benefits than a disadvantaged group. So to correct this flaw, the concept of equity was introduced. Equity is the empowerment of backward sections of society by giving them special advantages over others. For example, a handicapped person can be given special employment skills and more priority can be given to the products of handicapped people. The adoption of equity has many benefits. Equity helps all people to rise to the same level. If equity is implemented properly then all the backward and marginalized groups will come to the mainstream. Also, discrimination will end. True equality can prevail in this way. The society also becomes progressive. If society follows this system then society becomes more advanced and just. Equity will turn out to be a great system for the welfare of all the people in society. The system of equity also helps to end the conflict. If equity is practiced in society then the conflict between the backward groups and high standard groups will not take place. This is due to the upliftment of backward groups. Since all people have opportunities  there is less chance of conflict.   So equity is essential to create a more peaceful and welfare-oriented society. A better environment will be created for the development of society. The adoption of equity will certainly help the world to be a better place. 

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