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If I Were A Bird

Written by: Kripa Bhandari - 21129, Grade XI

Posted on: 28 November, 2019

“If I were a bird”; a whimsical statement that everybody wishes it could be true. Being a bird gives birth to complete freedom, you see. Since our childhood, we studied in our grammar books the correct use of “were” in this statement but not one of us really did feel that flexibility of living because Batman was our superhero and Barbie was our Wonder Woman. We studied without knowing what that proverb actually meant. But when we grew up and we learned the value of life, that pressure which rips our heart from inside and strives to burn away every memory like photographs- we tend to pray to be as free as a bird. We wished we could fly up above the sky with those breezing winds, erasing all those stress we are linking ourselves to, and seeing the twinkling stars with no clouds but that shimmering globe- gold moon; free from that jarring sound we hear every day and living every moment we possibly could live.

If I were a bird falls under my to-do list, which I wished a super unnatural power could help me with. As the sun shines beside my window giving birth to my glimmer of hope to do something good, and positivity gets in my nerves, I see that the owl rises softly from its track, carrying the shining snake into the trees. I see the birds chirping and hopping across the tree limb. I see the lake birds, crying as they swoop low over the water, birds serenading the dawn and squirrels chattering shrilly. "How I wish I were one of them" comes to my mind. Live your life in your own way is the first thing you hear from the advisors. Let your soul be as pure as gold says god and have faith in yourself is said by our mother but how do you live your life when everything in your life is like a labyrinth of darkness people utter. Those people who love watching vampires crawling and crumbling for blood and wish to be one of them. Those who are against the law of nature, law of love, law of emotions, law of anthropology and law of sensation. Giving up is a trend and living with a flow is a myth that now destroys the whole concept of creativity and faith.

 This has not only sliced people into two parts but has decreased the rate of living. Why a bird? Because they know how it is to live, to fly, to travel, to make memories if they understand, to love themselves, to be a good parent, to be a good leader, to work as a team, to be happy, to be attractive, to let everybody knows the importance of losing somebody, to protect themselves, to be a good mate, to travel your own destiny and to be a human, to keep themselves in a pocket of love, to get themselves whatever they want, to heal themselves, to be free from stress, to bring peace, to know what a beauty our country is, to love people selflessly, to wait for time, to understand patience, to live your life knowing how short it is.

 I wish I were a bird!

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