DSS Courses

In addition to basic courses required as per the Nepal Government’s regulation, at Sifal School, we require our students to take the following extra courses:

Computer Science and IT

Sifal School teachers Computer Science and IT courses to both the physical and bio group students.

Computer Programming

Sifal School teachers at least two computer programming languages to the students at plus 2 school level.

English Composition

This course aims at enhancing the writing skill of the students.

Communication English

This course aims at enhancing the public speaking skill of the students.

Science Project

The plus 2 school students pick the subject of their choice to do the project. And under the supervision of the assigned supervisor, our plus 2 school students complete the science project.

Reading Book

Every month our students read one Nepali and one English fiction book. At the end of the month they prepare the book review and do the analysis interpretation.

Short Term School

Sifal School provided the opportunity for the students to attend different winter schools, summer schools that we organize in collaboration with international organizations known in a particular field.

Short Term Training

Despite the courses, multiple short term training on IT and Hardware, Photography, Video Graphy, etc are what our students join in every term.

Exclusive Club Course

Sifal School students are given the opportunity to choose any one club of their choice which may be Arts, Dance, Music, IT, coding & Robotics, Basketball. They are trained by the coach in the club and we expect them to excel in their area of interest once they graduate.

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