DSS is home to many clubs that help students take initiative in diverse fields. These clubs focus on the overall development of our students. Clubs help students develop interpersonal skills, teaches them values such as trust, cooperation, team work, leadership, and build meaningful relationship with peers.

Media Club

To develop among students an understanding of the effects of mass media upon themselves as individuals and also upon society, Sifal Secondary School Media Club was established. The club students develop skills to produce, edit, and publish a variety of digital content. They also learn basic to advanced level photography skills and how to use media related softwares, thus developing an understanding of the importance of communication. On a regular basis, the club students also publish Sifal Secondary School +2 News.

Sports Club

The importance of sports in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Not only does it increase self-esteem and mental alertness, but also equips students with better leadership and teamwork skills. That’s why students who join the Sports Club find themselves to be better team players with better leadership skills.

Music Club

To those students wanting to hone their musical talents or perhaps to pursue it as a career in future, Sifal Secondary School Music Club is right kind of platform. A student-run club in which those interested in learning about music showcase their talents in various musical recitals. Research has shown that students who opt for music as an extracurricular activity tend to be better at their studies and develop improved spatial intelligence and memorization skills.

Literature Club

Sifal Secondary School Literature Club helps the students form a love for literature, a desire to read works by classical as well as contemporary authors and, a commitment to exploring important literary questions. The school believes that it is possible to achieve the reading goals by working together, forming focused groups, and occassionaly inviting the authors themselves to interact. The club students even write critical appreciation of the texts they have read and published them in online portals. Furthermore, every week the club holds DeerTalk sessions, where students speak on various topics. These talks are quite significant in improving the public speaking and oratory skills of students.

Hiking Club

Hiking, apart from being a powerful cardio workout, is an excellent opportunity for the students to lose themselves in the beauty of nature and learn things through first-hand experience. Hiking being cost-effective, easy and simple, Sifal Secondary School takes its students to the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley every term. These hikes are conducted by the student-run ‘Sifal Secondary School Hiking Club.’

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