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DWIT Job Fair Orientation for Applicants

Posted on: 30 December, 2019

With the arrival of DWIT JOB FAIR 2018, different orientation programs were held on 26th March. On that day, there were two orientation sessions; one for the companies and another for the applicants. Companies had their orientation at early morning whereas the orientation for students was held in the afternoon. The event started at 3:30 pm after the arrival of all the participants. Hitesh Karki, College Administrative Officer of DWIT welcomed everyone with his warm words. Prayush Shrestha from the organizing committee then provided some idea about the DWIT Job Fair 2017. He mentioned about the layout of the event and the position of the stalls( IT Companies) at the Deerwalk Courtyard. Merojob also had their own representatives for the event. Vikaas Nafde, a consultant at merojob gave a presentation pointing out the important thing to remember before applying for a job. In addition, he also gave advice on 'How to prepare for a Job Interview?'. His speech was a great aid for all those who attended the event because it carried a lot of information on applying for a job, preparing for an interview and even preparing a Resume. Diwas Pradhan from merojob also took the stage explaining everyone about the difference between Resume and CV. Moreover, He made everyone understand the basic dos and don'ts of preparing a Resume. After the presentation, each student who attended the event were handed out a priority card for the event. Priority card had a special discount for those interested in taking any training classes at merojob. The card would also ensure that the cardholders would get priority in the queues during the Job Fair. Orientation for students was successfully conducted with all the support of participants and organizers as well.

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DWIT Job Fair 2018 Held Successfully

Posted on: 06 May, 2018

On 28th March 2018 second edition on DWIT Job Fair was successfully conducted. This event was presented by Kantipur Digital Corp in association with Mero Job. The event was conducted in the Deerwalk complex. 7 organizers and 30+ volunteers conducted the event and lots of improvement were made compared to the last year's fair. The fair formally started at 11 am but many of the participants arrived before time. 700+ graduates and undergraduates participated in the fair and 25+ companies showed their presence. To participate in the fair the participants had to pre-register in the Job fair site with their CV and they had to take a participant card in the venue. Arrangements for the unregistered participants were also make in the venue. This fair aimed to create a bridge between job seekers and the IT companies. Even though the flow of participants was less compared to the last year's, but the event was a huge success. Around 11 participants were hired on the spot and many were called for the second round of interview. Unlike last year, this year’s fair was very much supported by sunny weather. Rain caused a lot of trouble last year but there was no rain this year. Learning from the mistake of the last year, DWIT Job Fair 2018 was a huge success. The fair ended at 5 PM. This fair was beneficial for both the company and the participants. The companies got a chance to show case themselves and the participants knew about the companies. This fair showed a good sign for the upcoming year's.

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DeerUtsav 4.0 : A Great Success

Posted on: 25 May, 2018

The most awaited moment for the Class of 2017, Deerutsav 4.0 was finally held on 28th April 2018. After longing days and hours of hard work, the day had come, the time for the biggest event of DWIT. The weather was not in our favor but as said ‘None can stop the willers’, we did not stop at anything. Everyone showed up at 8 in the morning in their formal attire. The formal event was held on the open. The event host was Aakanshya Upadhaya. Her outspoken confidence in the speech made everyone absorbed into the event. The event started off with an inspiring speech by the Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari. The event proceeded with a speech by Ashmita Kunwa, one of the graduate, about their 4 years long experience. The sense of humor and the emotions injected into her speech made the audience laugh and cry at the same time. Bijay Gopal Shrestha, the father of Ruby Shrestha, gave a wonderful and motivating speech as a representative from the parents of the graduating class. Later on, the environment was ascended up by the speech by the Chief Administrative Officer, Hitesh Karki. He talked about the growth of the graduates right from the start of college till now. The event then continued with handing over the certificates by Dr. Rudra Pandey and then a motivational speech by him. The formal event was ended with a speech by Ruby Shrestha, batch topper, sharing all the glorious moments spend in DWIT. All the speeches throughout the event boosted up confidence into the audience and a warmth of victory into the graduates. The informal event was scheduled right after the lunch break in Sagarmatha Hall. Everyone settled for the event and the emcees started with their humorous punch lines. The way they portrayed themselves into other fun characters was something that everyone praised . The event continued with the amazing dance numbers and singers with their very pleasing performances . The event ended with some spoken words poetry and a well bided goodbyes to all the graduates. The ritual of Deerutsav in DWIT is not so old yet so grand and organized. Everyone had worked up their sweat off to level up the intensity of perfectness. From the organizing team to the administrative staffs , from the emcees to the performers, everyone gave their hundred percent in the event.

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DWIT Hiking Club Organized Two-Day Hike to Helambu

Posted on: 01 January, 2020

Up and down the road, Helambu hike was the second two days hike I had attended. Unlike Chitlang hike, there were less familiar voices for me. I had not expected much from the hike but wasn’t disappointed. I had a great weekend. We left Deerwalk Premises at around 7 in the morning. Singing, dancing and playing cards on the way to JarsinPauwa made it less difficult for the bumpy road travel. After having a quick breakfast at Jarsinpauwa, we went fishing to the nearby pond and later went swimming in the nearby river. The water at zero degrees Celsius was welcomed by grilled fishes and lots of joy. After about an hour or two, we left for Helambu. The journey was full of dirt and bumps. After an hour, we were welcomed by a beautiful Khaja set at Helambu. Helambu served us well: a resort in the lap of mountains and a river flowing next to it, cold breeze and a wide sky with stars shining on our top. The beauty is beyond words. The same day we went to Melamchi Dam Side. Though we couldn’t enter the dam, we had a chance to look closely at the project and the work around it. Later that night, we sat around our resort and had a barbeque session with songs, dance, and laughter. Next morning was a hike day to nearby Gumba. 3 hours of straight upwards hill wouldn’t have been easier if it wasn’t for the beautiful sunrise and fresh air. After the climb was over, we all came back to resort and had some time in the down by river. Next, we had some lunch and left for K-Town.

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67% of the Students at DWIT are Professionally Involved in Real World Projects

Posted on: 03 January, 2020

Creating a professional environment for the students, empowering them to do anything they vision , implement ideas , working with seniors is what the ideology of DWIT centers to. This is the reason for the working environment that is created here at DWIT. DWIT believes students should simultaneously focus on academics along with professionalism. Learning and implementing is the key aspect of advancement. All the students from freshman to senior year involved into different sorts of internships is what you will see once you visit DWIT. DWIT students never fail to grab the opportunity to work, be it the platform inside college, outside college or starting their own company. The recent data shows 67.56 % percent of the total students either have an internship or work in freelance projects. Out of which, 4.85 % are doing wonders with their own startups.This makes the total ratio of working students to non-working students roughly around 1:2 ratio. The ratio is highest that you will find in any IT colleges around Nepal. Involvement into internship is a well followed tradition now. Students learn from what they realize rather than what they are told to do. They follow the path set, so the factors driving our students towards internship is the self realized urge to be what they see. The association of company in-house , the working environment, traits from seniors, the motivation from teachers, projects after projects is what sets the students apart. Aabiskar Pandey, one of the oldest interns at the Research and Development Unit of DWIT says “When I joined the In-house internship offered by Deerwalk in the 1st Semester, I was anxious about maintaining a balance in academic workloads and my internship responsibilities. Now when I reflect back upon my experience, I feel I made the right choice. It is an amazing experience here getting to learn in a working ambiance alongside seniors who are my mentors as well as my colleagues.”

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9 DWIT Students / Alumni Presented Their Papers in IT4D 2019

Posted on: 03 January, 2020

The Information Technology for Development (IT4D) conference is a three day conference where people involved in the field of information technology share their ideas on how information technology can bring social, political and economic advancement in developing countries like Nepal. Primary audience of the conference are researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and development workers.The conference is also beneficial for students seeking to build a career in information technology and development sector. First two days of the conference includes presentations by students and researchers from different sectors related to IT and the participants go on a hike on the third day. Among the presenters, students from DWIT along with their innovative ideas are as follows: Eye Driven Wheelchair for Tetraplegics Using CircularHough Transform By Saurav Bhandari / Raman Pandey - Class of 2019 - Co-Authored by Ritu R Lamsal Smart Waste Management Web Application using IoT By Mahan Adhikari, Suyog Shrestha - Class of 2019 IoT Driven Model Framework and Recommendation for Improving Air Quality Index of Kathmandu City By Sabin Pathak - Class of 2019 - Co-Authored by Ritu R Lamsal Towards an Open, Fair and Independently Verifiable Election System By Avina Nakarmi - Class of 2020 - Supervised by Dr. Sunil Chaudhary Approaches to Solving Issues in the Healthcare Industry using Emerging IoT Technology By Mandip Prasai - Class of 2019 DWIT Alumni who presented their research work / delivered a speech include: TechLekh Story By Abhisekh Gupta - Class of 2016 Radio to the Internet - A brief history of 'e-learning' in Nepal By Bidish Acharya - Class of 2016 “I was always curious to present paper at international conferences. This was my first and a wonderful experience presenting a research paper at the Sixth International Conference on Information Technology for Development (IT4D). I was representing this conference as a student from DWIT college, Tribhuvan University and as a researcher from Summus Engineering and Consultancy. It has been a great experience to meet many intelligent personnel, sharp colleagues, experienced entrepreneurs, researchers, professors, and international delegates.”as said by Mandip Prasai, one of the presenters.

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