Sophomore Year / Third Semester

Nature of Course: Theory (3 Hrs)

Text Books:
1. Y Langsam, MJ Augenstein and A.M, Tanenbaum Data Structures using C and C++, Prentice Hall India, Second Edition 2015

Reference Books: 1. Leen Ammeral, Programmes and Data Structures in C, Wiley Professional Computing
2. G.W Rowe, Introduction to Data Structure and Algroithms with C and C++, Prentice Hall India
3. R.L Kruse, B.P. Leung, C.L. Tondo, Data Structure and Program Design in C Prentice-Hall India

Course Synopsis: This course includes the basic foundations in of data structures and algorithms. This course covers concepts of various data structures like stack, queue, list, tree and graph. Additionally, the course includes idea of sorting and searching.