DWIT Advantage - Non Credit Courses

Deerwalk Institute of Technology offers Non-Credit Courses on Java Programming Language and English language for five semesters to its B.Sc.CSIT students. Each student must take two credit courses on “College – English” right from 1st semester to the 5th semester and "Java Programming Language" from 3rd semester to 7th semester.

These courses are designed in-house by taking help from experts who have spent more than five years working for major software companies of Nepal as well as outside of Nepal in enhancing the personal and professional interest of the students. These courses do not offer university credit.

Even though it is a Non-Credit Course, all the students are expected to treat this like any of the credit courses and therefore are expected to complete all the assignments, quizzes and real-life projects.

TU Curriculum Structure

The B.Sc. Computer Science and Information System program will consist of eight six-month semesters, which will total 126 credit hours. The program includes the following courses:

Course Credit Hours
Computer Science Core Courses 75
Natural Science Elective Courses 6
Mathematics Courses 12
English Courses 3
Social Science and Management Courses 6
Computer Science Elective Courses 15
Internship/Project 9
Total 126
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