Students' Corner

Our Visit to Canine

Written by: Toran Budhathoki - 2021022, Grade X

Posted on: 11 December, 2019

It was a 15 minutes trip to Canine from school. We reached there and it was raining. A police officer came there whose name was Ram Chandra Satyal. He explained about the center and how the dogs were trained there. In that center, there were 8 different kinds of breeds. There were many dogs qualified in particular investigations like finding bombs, murders, explosions, narcotics and rescue dogs. In the programs where VIP's come, the dogs are deployed there and if it is safe then only they will come. It is also used to check in the borders of one district to another or also of the countries. As per Mr. Satyal, there are two kinds of evidence that the murderer will leave which are: visible and invisible evidence. Visible evidence means murderers and the invisible evidence means the dead cells which come out by decomposing or evaporating. The German Shepherd can only investigate the incident happened in the last 24 hours whereas the bloodhound can still investigate for 4 days. Overall, the visit was very interesting and knowledgeable.

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