Students' Corner

Mother’s Love

Written by: Anshu Shree Aryal - 2021004, Grade X

Posted on: 14 November, 2019

A mother’s love can’t be described in one word. It needs unlimited words to be described. She is the only person who has no such demands, except one: our bright future. She always wants us to be happy. A mother is the person who is very important in everyone’s life. Mother’s love can’t be given by others. Mother is our first teacher and best friend. We can’t compare other pain with the pain our mother felt when she gave birth to us.. She can sacrifice her life to make our life better. Our mother always understands our problem even if we do not say it to her.  She is the one who thinks of other’s happiness more than her own. We should always be thankful to God for creating such a wonderful human. A mother’s love is like the blessing of God for every child. Never hurt your mother because she is the one who spends sleepless night when you are sick. So respect your mother because every child doesn’t have a mother to care for them.

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