Students' Corner

Visit to Nepal Police Canine Division

Written by: Aashrab Khanal - 2021006, Grade X

Posted on: 12 November, 2019

On Asar 23, we, the students of Grade X, visited the Nepal Police Canine Division. It was basically a place to train certain breeds of dogs for crime investigation. It was established in 2023 B.S. Dogs are known as very useful animals. In the world, 20 breeds of dogs are used by police. From the 20, Nepal Police Canine Division trains and uses 8 breeds of dogs. Amongst all, the most expensive dog purchased by the division is BloodHound. They paid 7 lakhs for the dog. 

Sniffing is one of the characteristics of dogs which helps them to identify things. The dogs basically work in 4 fields: crime investigation, explosives identification, drug identification and rescue operations. The dogs of age 3-6 months are taken by the police and trained for work. 

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