Students' Corner

The Web

Written by: Bikarsha Ojha - 2022005, Grade IX

Posted on: 05 August, 2019

A web is a page of the internet which has a function of itself. The webs may be made from the government or by creators of web design.  The web has its three parts; surface web, deep web, and the dark web. The figure of an iceberg could be used to represent them. The surface webs are those websites used by common people to do regular things like play online, watch videos, shop online, etc. Some examples of surface webs are; Daraz, YouTube, Amazon, etc. The deep webs are those websites used for governmental purposes. These websites are usually found in LAN servers and are rarely seen on the internet. The dark webs are those websites which are highly illegal, used to do illegal things. Such websites are secretly hidden that their IPs are really hard to find (which are written in symbols and numbers). It has been told that area 51 has been using its dark web. It is reported that more than half of millions of teens are dark web users and are using them to get illicit drugs.

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