DSS is home to many clubs that help students take initiative in diverse fields. These clubs focus on the overall development of our students. Clubs help students develop interpersonal skills, teaches them values such as trust, cooperation, team work, leadership, and build meaningful relationship with peers.

Media Club

Students from the media club work on the editing of the flipped class videos. They even record and produce the news related to the college.

Sports Club

As a part of the Extra Curricular Activities, students do various sporting activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Music Club

Students from the music club showcase their talents in various recitals.

Literature Club

Students from the literature club participate in a wide range of literary activities viz. acting, poetry recitation, storytelling and creative writing.

Hiking Club

To break the monotony of classroom activities, students from the hiking club hike to different places near the Kathmandu Valley.

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